Friday, June 11, 2010


Just kidding. Going overseas for a week and a bit so don't bother dropping by in the meantime. I've had plenty of reviews I haven't been able to get up here recently as well, but, you know. Of them I'd most recommend Gary Abrahams Something Natural but Very Childish on at La Mama right now - it's utterly charming. Otherwise, make your own fun for a little while. My next fortnight will probably be a bit more like this:

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Intelligence Can Be Eaten

People often write about particular artists 'evolving' – I'm pretty sure I've done it myself – but a while back I read a nice comment by a science-wise person arcing up against this term usage. Species evolve. Individuals don't. An individual can 'develop' or 'grow' or whatever, but evolution is the process of change across massive populations of lifeforms.

I think that probably holds true for the arts, too. Unless you subscribe to some form of aesthetic creationism that upholds genius as the result of divine intervention. Surprising how much criticism does.

Reviews: Next Wave Festival

Dudes, I'm really sorry I didn't write about the Next Wave festival here. I was really busy, for real. Along with seeing Next Wave stuff almost every night I was cramming in Emerging Writers Fest events as well as normal, non-festival shows and keeping down a regular job. I even managed to squeeze in a film! A film! Films are a luxury I just don't get! It's like saying I found time to go to a four-hour, three-course dinner and show at a theatre restaurant! Which I also did! Twice!

And now the festival is over; but seeing as I've found myself with about three minutes to kill I'm going to post some notes on some highlights, just for posterity or some such.