Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Review: The Tale of the Golden Lease


By Vigilantelope.

There was a huge buzz around this during the Comedy Fest so I was glad I got a chance to catch this follow-up season. Vigilantelope are four law students who began with sketch comedy and have now pulled together a narrative show featuring dozens of characters (I think there are 40 or so but I might be making that up). Law students doing sketch comedy doesn’t sound that promising, but these guys are up there with the early D-Gen kids in terms of entertainment. The story is just a silly hook to hang the comedy on – Earth’s lease has been lost and a bunch of gods want to take over, so two hapless fish and chip shop attendants find themselves trying to find the mysterious document to keep things from going very wrong.

It’s super fast, full of great running gags and the performers are brilliant character actors – I frequently forgot that there were only four as it felt like a dozen actors were running around the stage at once. Excellent dance sequences and other physical stuff too (the loping of the Hellhounds itself was laugh-out-loudable). The Lith Club Ballroom was full when I saw the show, which says something about the word of mouth they’ve generated, and Colin Lane’s two young lads were losing it at some points a few rows in front of me. Fun for young and old, yes.

Ends Saturday at the Lithuanian Club.

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