Friday, March 26, 2010

Well This Is a Bit Shit

I've long marvelled at how one simple word can change a phrase's whole emotional resonance. The "cat" part of "cat burglar" makes it seem like a sneaky pasttime carried out by a cartoon feline to the accompaniment of slinky jazz music. It puts the fun back in to home invasion, really.

Equally, "art thief" is about as glamorous a criminal profession as I can imagine. When I imagine a car thief or serial shoplifter it tends to bring to mind someone from the grubbier, more compulsively-scratching, permanent-bed-hair sectors of the population. "Art thief", on the other hand, sounds like more of a job for a roguish Sean Connery or, at worst, Pierce Brosnan (both have played art thieves in their careers, which might in some small way have helped form that image. Probably not).

You'd have to be a real dick to steal art from an artist-run space, though, wouldn't you?

Kings ARI in King St sent out this release today:

We are writing to ask if anyone knows the whereabouts of a missing artwork in the form of a book. On thursday March 25 a key artwork by Aimee Fairman went missing from her {ultima forsan} exhibition. The work is an old German book titled "Trigonometrie und Stereometrie" by Dr. Friedrich Reidt printed in 1884. The book had a topographical landscape carved into its pages, with a pair of white headphones threaded through the book, and attached to an iPod shuffle, playing a sound work and stored in a cavity in the back of the book. The book has a brown marbled hard-back cover, and when closed, its dimensions are approximately 22cm 15cm.

The work is very precious to Aimee as it holds great personal significance. We ask if anyone hears of its whereabouts that they please contact Kings or Aimee, anonymously if they wish. A reward will be offered for its return, which can be paid anonymously if necessary. Any assistance would be truly and greatly appreciated.


all for believing said...

*shakes head* society!

Komaeda Juuzou said...

This was lovely thanks for sharing