Sunday, April 11, 2010

2010 MICF Barry nominees

I'll keep it quick. The shortlist for this year's Barry award are:

Asher Treleaven - Secret Door
Damian Callinan - The Merger: Sportsman’s Night 2
Josh Thomas - Surprise
The List Operators For Kids - More Fun Than A Wii
Sammy J and Randy - Rickett’s Lane
Wil Anderson - Wilful Misconduct

Some interesting facts: the winner(s) will be male and Australian. For the first time ever a kids' show may score the top prize. Or a puppet. None of the nominees are newcomers to the festival. Quite a few are playing relatively small rooms. They're all very worthy of the award.

Golden Gibbo noms are:

Asher Treleaven - Secret Door
Geraldine Quinn - Shut Up And Sing
Sam Simmons and David Quirk - The Incident
Poet Laureate Telia Neville - While I'm Away
Stevn Shefl And His Translator Fatima 

The winner (and winners of Best Newcomer, Age Critics Award, Piece of Wood and Festival Directors' Award) will be announced at some godless hour of Sunday morning next week.

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